The Amphibious Platypus Jeep

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If you're hankering for a wheeled amphibious vehicle with assault potential but don't want something as big as the DUKW, perhaps this custom Jeep will do. Built by the folks at the Amphibious Vehicle Design Studio, the Platypus Jeep is a paragon of on-road and in-water capabilities. The floating four-wheeler runs with a turbo diesel engine and is capable of 110 KPH on the road and 10.5 KPH in the water. The hull is designed to work in wave heights up to 1.5 meters and bottoms with a slight 0.75 meter draft depth. We can already picture ourselves storming the beaches of Sleeping Bear Dunes. A full list of specs below, for some reason.


1.Dimension (L x W x H) 4.830x1.900x2.150(m) (With the handle frame) Or 4.830x1.900x1.950(m) (Without the handle frame)
2. Complete Vehicle Kerb Mass 2100 kg
3. Wheel Space 2700 (mm)
4. Track 1520 (mm)
5. Maximum Speed (km/h)
- On Land 110
- On Water 10.5
6. Maximum Gradient 60%
7. Maximum Angles of Approach / Departure (Degree) 35/30, Maximum Angles of Ingress / egress (Degree) 45/30
8. Minimum Ground Clearance 0.25 (m)
9. Minimum Diameter of Turning Circle
- On Land < 12 (m)
- On Water < 13 (m)
10. Maximum Laden Mass
- On Land 425kg (or 5 persons)
- On Water 800kg (or 15 persons)
11. Maximum Towed Mass
- On Land 800kg
- On Water 4000kg
12. Displacement of Normal Laden Mass 2425kg
13. Draft (under the normal laden mass)
- 0.75m from bottom of the wheels
- 0.35m from low side of the hull
14. Maximum Cruise Time on Water 10 hours (with 70 liter fuel tank)
15. Fuel Consumption (liter/100km)
- On Land 7
- On Water 70
16. Capacity of Fuel Tank
- Standard version 70 (litters)
- Option 100 (litters)
17. Cockpit Volume 5000 (litters)
18. Maximum Wave-Height Allowed (m)
- Offshore 1.3
- In-land water 1.5
19. Average Water In-let Leaks < 10 (litters / hour)
20. Normal Service Time of Main Water Proof Components 3 years
21. Type of Engine JMC 493QZ Diesel Turbo Charged
22. Maximum Output 68kw (87hp)/4000 RPM
23. Maximum Torque 215 N.m / 2000 RPM
24. Fuel 0# light diesel
25. Main Gearbox MT-75 (5-speed Fully synchronized)
26. Tire 215/80 R16
27. Self Designed Transfer Case for On-water Propulsion
28. Propeller Diameter 0.45 (m)


Rob Emslie

Well, it's better looking than the Chrysler Sebring.