High performance in EVs is a bit easier to produce compared to their internal combustion engine counterparts, given instant torque in electric motors and all that, so I’d guess too, here, that Chevy will also emphasize handling and aerodynamics in trying to differentiate an electric SS model. I’m sure, too, that the Blazer SS will be pricey, given that EVs from GM are no longer eligible for the federal tax credit, and given that the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition starts at $67,995.


The purists will have to debate whether this is a real SS or not, given that it probably won’t be that loud and won’t guzzle gallons of fuel. I’m sure they already are, sight unseen, an argument I can’t wait to watch play out when every other manufacturer comes out with electric cars in their performance trims, electric AMGs and electric Ms and the like. Please just leave Mazdaspeed alone, Mazda. Mazdaspeed remained dignified till the day it died, and deserves, fully, to stay that way.