Alfa Romeos are known for being pleasing to nearly all the senses. They look great, feel great to drive, and also sound great. (They probably taste great too, honestly.) And the Alfa Romeo 8C Disco Volante, which showed up at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este this weekend, is no exception.


In fact, I'd say that V8 sounds a hell of a lot better than most actual disco music. What would you rather listen to, the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack or that spicy Italian growl? I'd take the Alfa, man.


There's a reason it sounds so good. The 8C Disco Volante is based on the already wonderful Alfa Romeo 8C, and it shares its 4.7-liter 450 horsepower engine. This version has been customized by Italian design house Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera to pay homage to the spaceship-like Disco Volante Coupe of the 1950s, so it's a total package of awesomeness.

Between this car and the Aston Martin CC100, I'd say the Concorso was a good place for your ears to be.


Hat tip to Marco!

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