The Alfa Romeo 4C Is Already In America

We’re pretty excited about the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C making its way over to America by the end of this year. But wait, it's already here!

These photos were sent in from a tipster in warm and wonderful Ann Arbor, MI. He described the encounter, saying “One was waiting for the others to catch up and as soon as I got out my phone they took off, tires squealing and everything.”


I guess we know that the 1.75 liter, 236 hp four-cylinder in these things is strong enough to overpower the rear tires if need be. That’s a good thing.

We’re mainly excited to see another car go down the path of performance through lightweight. Alfa quotes curb weight at 2,100lbs, or just as much as a ’91 CRX. It seemed like Lotus was going to lead the world into that future, but then they turned into a clothing company and everybody else went hybrid.

In any case, we’re very happy about this carbon fiber coupe, even with its spider-eye headlights.


(Hat tip to Andy!)

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