The Agony Of Crashing After A Last-Minute Thrash Session To Get A Car Ready

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I remember my first race car. We worked our butts off on a long list of last-minute items to get it through tech, only to have it t-boned in the first hour. Fortunately, I am not the only person to know this pain, as the first episode of The Unprofessionals takes us inside a drift weekend gone wrong.

Rob “Chairslayer” Parsons thought he was being last minute by installing new, improved hand controls in his 180SX late at night, but he had time to get some testing in. His buddy Hert, however, still didn’t have the differential installed in his 500-horsepower RX-7.


They finally made it to the Super D event at Thunderhill Raceway, but crashing into each other certainly wasn’t even in the last-minute revision of their plans.

Given that Rob and Hert share a trailer, too, I do not envy their drive home from the track.

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