From the wilds of Ohio the call went out to young entrepreneurs everywhere who enjoy partying with drunk ladies: Your life needs a 1970 Olds Toronado transformed into a 28-foot-long, 9-door, 6-wheel limousine.

Back in the late '60s, the founders of Miller-Meteor struck out on their own to stretch front-wheel-drive Oldsmobile Toronados into limousines and ambulances. Their first project, called the Jetway 707, could seat 12 to 15 airline passengers under a raised glass roof. Somewhere between 50 and 150 were built before sanity sank in.

This edition resides in Hocking Hills, Ohio, where its owner sent it to the online auction barn, saying that like all people haulers of the 1970s, it was great for chasing tail:

Step out and acquire a rare asset that brings in cash—truly great business for young single slick chick magnet type of guy who can dance/but has great morals/nice friends (co-drivers make for a better night opening doors/bartending)—morals come into play 'cause the fancy chicks will be terribly smashed by the end of the night—and the driver's responsibility is to get everybody "there and back" safely...the 12-15 nicely dolled up passengers (black mini-skirts) each trip get a card and tell their other HOT friends and they tell the next group how great YOU and the car are:
and so on it goes-more and more chicks —this is more than theory— I have some GOOD stories.


The asking price of $4,999 included a few caveats — like that it needs a motor, and that the owner is willing to consider other vehicle swaps. It sold for just $3,000. Lassiez le bon temps (insert French word for getting carted away by a huge flatbed trailer here).

H/T to 1AJeremy!