The standard Tata Nano has a 624 cc two-cylinder producing 37 horsepower. JA Motorsport felt that's not enough, so they jammed a 230 hp 1.3 turbo four in it that revs way above 10,000rpm. Carlo Abarth would certainly approve of India's latest tuner car.

The Nano's practicality is slightly compromised in this form since the rear bench is gone due to the larger engine and the bolt-on roll cage. It also rides on four negatively cambered MRF ZLO slicks poking out of the extremely wide body kit. The wheels got upgraded to 13 inch alloys and hide AP Racing discs all around.


Inside, you find a carbon fiber dashboard, a motorsport steering wheel with flappy paddles connected to six-speed sequential manual, a pair of Recaro bucket seats and a needle that could climb above 120 mph if anybody would dare to test the car's limits.

To see more pictures of this hardly road-legal, but absolutely crazy build from the guys who race Formula Fords for a living, head over to our friends at Indian Autos Blog!

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