The 2022 Chevy Camaro Gets The Corvette Stingray's Best Color

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The 2022 Chevy Camaro has not undergone any significant changes for the updated model year. The 455-horsepower LT1 V8 engine fitted in the Camaro SS, unfortunately, did not find some extra horses in the last year, and nobody touched the design. GM’s muscle car did, however, steal the Corvette Stingray’s best color for the new year.


Chevrolet doesn’t talk much about the current Camaro generation, which has been on sale since 2016 and only undergone a few cosmetic changes since then. At the time, the design of the car was very similar and derivative of the previous generation, though by now is a significantly better performance car platform underneath it all. And that sameness will carry over to 2022, save for the color options it seems.

Photo: Chevrolet

The Camaro is now offered with the best available color option already available on the Chevy Corvette; Rapid Blue. That’s the only mention from GM of any updates for the 2022 model year Chevy Camaro so far, as a brief mention in a press release for Chevy’s press cars featured in this upcoming opening weekend of racing.

Photo: Chevrolet

Chevy painted the Corvette Stingray pace car in Rapid Blue for the 2021 Daytona 500 coming up on Feb. 14, along with a 2021 Camaro pace car to advertise its new color. Chevy even threw in a Rapid Blue Chevy Silverado to pace the World Truck Series, too.

The Camaro pace car in the photos is still a 2021 model year, but since the paint is the only thing mentioned to change, that’s what you can expect a Rapid Blue Camaro to look like if you order one. Pricing hasn’t been announced for 2022 yet, but the 2021 Camaro SS starts at $38,495 and the 1LE package option is an additional $7,000, as it’s equipped on the pretty blue pace car.

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Well, it isn't black, white or silver, so there's that.  Calling this color "good" however is a hell of a stretch.