Hey Did You Know the Toyota Supra Is Back

The debut of the 2019 Toyota Supra is 12 days away, but that doesn’t mean Toyota is stopping its unnecessarily long and excitement-numbing campaign of Supra teasers. In a new one from Monday, Toyota Gazoo Racing shared a video of the Supra lapping Fuji Speedway that ended with the tagline “Supra Is Back.”


No shit, Toyota. We would have never guessed.

The Toyota Gazoo Racing video is even titled the “Supra Is Back Teaser,” which, again, duh. The 12,345 teasers and camouflaged test drives prior to this might have hinted at that, and we all learned Toyota was building a new Supra nearly a year ago. But at least the laps from Mt. Fuji in Japan sound nice and majestic, as a sole Supra’s headlights look to be the only ones lighting up the track.

Other than the questions of why we haven’t seen the new Supra yet, why Toyota insists on teasing it at a rate of what feels like three times per day, and why this whole thing has taken so long, the only thing we have left to wonder about this video is whether the car at Mt. Fuji is the road Supra or a race version. The race cars are also plagued by never-ending shadowy teasers, so, they’re basically the same thing as the production version.

(That last part was a joke. They’re not the same, and this is probably a race car, hence the upload from the Toyota race team.)

As the number of Toyota Supra teasers nears the number of crossovers on the American market, we’re somehow also nearing the date of the Supra’s debut—hopefully the real one, this time—at the Detroit Auto Show on Jan. 14. It’s hard to believe it’s the real thing, considering that the car’s fifth generation has been all about teasing us into oblivion, and past the point of calling it a “tease,” for longer than we want to remember. It’s like a big, over-the-top gender-reveal party, except with months of teasers about what the gender will be beforehand.

That sounds even worse, somehow.

But the reveal date is almost here, which means Toyota won’t be able to “tease” the new Supra much longer and our national nightmare will likely soon be over. With how this whole thing has gone, though, Toyota will probably still find a way to tease the Supra after it’s out.


Happy New Year, indeed. The future is bright.

Staff writer, Jalopnik