Toyota GR Supra GT Concept: I Am So Tired

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Let me tell you how my day’s been so far: I wake up, make some coffee, take the dog on a walk, fire up my laptop in search of news, and I discover that not only is the new 2019 Toyota Supra not revealed full after years of shadowy teasers, but that there’s another, new shadowy teaser out today.


I am so damn tired, everyone.

Anyway, the good (?) news is that this Supra concept has very little to do with you and I, normal working people who may choose to indulge in the Supra as a new car purchase or the like. It’s the GR Supra Super GT Concept, which will preview the Supra race we’ll potentially see at Le Mans and Super GT class events.

It will fly under the Toyota Gazoo Racing banner, which is used for all sorts of Toyota cars in the World Rally Championship, the World Endurance Championship and other series. Further, we’ll see this concept race car debut at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon around January 11, right before the production Supra is set to bow at the Detroit Auto Show in the U.S.

For real this time. Really. We think? Really, really, really. No more Supra teasers, no more games, no more camo mules. So we’re told.

I’m going back to bed, I think. One of you can be in charge of Jalopnik today.


mkbruin, Atlas VP

I played with it in Photoshop a bit, you can see a little more of it now: