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Remember last week when Ford accidentally made its configurator live for their eagerly-awaited non-colossal truck, the 2019 Ranger? Then Ford said that the prices ($24,300 for the base, $24,000 if you don’t want a truck bed) were all wrong. Well, it’s back up, and those prices are still there.

UPDATE: It seems Ford has made the pricing official, and, with shipping, the ranger starts at $25,395. The headline has been updated as well to reflect shipping costs.


Last week, Ford told us that:

This was a mistake and is being pulled down. There will not be a regular cab Ranger and pricing shown is inaccurate. Build and Price will officially go live next week.

...and, true to their word, the regular cab option is gone, with just SuperCab and SuperCrew options available. There’s still an option to get one without the box for $300 less, which seems like a steal for a whole brand-new truck bed. Really, if you want just a truck box (for a novelty bed to sleep in, for example) and you have a pal who wants a truck with no box, just pay your friend the $300 and unbolt that thing, because I bet even just the taillights are worth $300 as a service part.

I love seeing a base-level mid-size truck with steelies on a configurator. I really hope that’s accurate, and not just for fleet sales. A stripped-down, small(er) truck is what America needs right now, I think.


The SuperCrew four-door versions start at (well, if this is accurate) $26,520, and the XLT higher-spec version comes in at $30,115. There appears to be only one engine/transmission combination available, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost, with the electronic 10-speed auto, though you can specify two or four-wheel drive.

There’s also the Lariat highest-spec model, which is likely what people who aren’t planning on hauling lawnmowers and manure and perhaps one or two cranky goats will likely pick. That model has a pretty decent color selection as well:


Sure, it’s mostly the usual greyscale non-colors of modern cars, but there’s a red, orange, and blue as well!


The base truck, on its noble steel wheels, just gets the orange and blue, which is better than nothing.

So, may as well go here and play around, before Ford decides to take it away again. It should be officially live very soon, so soon we won’t have to be sneaking around.


I’m still just happy to see a truck that’s not the size of a pair of mating bison. Perhaps someday we’ll even see new, actually compact truck again!

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