The 2018 Jeep Wrangler Will Start At $26,195: Report

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The cheapest version of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, the two-door Sport, will start an MSRP of $26,195 according to documents posted on JL Wrangler Forums. The information seems old, but people who appear to know what they’re talking about are saying it’s legitimate.


On Monday, forum user DrPerez007 published what is apparently a handful of documents about vehicle pricing and details that Jeep sent to its reps for the LA Auto Show.

What seems to be the publication date on these is August of this year, and at least some of the information has already been proven incorrect by actual official reports (the horsepower figure of the 2.0-liter turbo is lower here than the number we were given at the Wrangler’s welcome event) but forum users and even the chief administrator of JL Wrangler Forums are confident the document is genuine.

Assuming it is, the papers indicate that the 2.0-liter turbo with the eight-speed automatic will command a $2,000 premium, and the 3.6 Pentastar V6 with the eight-speed will be a $3,500 option. I believe the gas V6 with a manual will be the “default” option from which all other prices are based.

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User ThirtyOne made us a handy guide based on the information published to show where the new JL-body Wrangler will ring up at compared to today’s JK:

2-Door (JK / JL / Difference)
Sport - $23,995 / $26,195 / $2,200
Sport S - $26,995 / $29,095 / $2,100
Sahara - $30,445 / N/A
Rubicon - $33,645 / $36,395 / $2,750

4-Door (JKU / JLU / Difference)
Sport - $27,895 / $29,995 / $2,100
Sport S - $31,095 / $33,195 / $2,100
Sahara - $34,295 / $36,995 / $2,700
Rubicon - $37,445 / $40,195 / $2,750


For those who are just tuning in and don’t have Wrangler trims tattooed on their arms, the Sport is the bargain-basement Wrangler that pretty much only exists to keep the starting MSRP low. You’ll be hard pressed to find one on a dealership lot. At least, I haven’t been able to find one easily.

The Sport S has just enough options to seem civilized. And to put the rest simply: the Sahara is sort of like the “luxury” trim with body-colored fenders and the Rubicon is the most hardcore off-road variant with the strongest axles, most aggressive low-range ratio, best tires and tallest fenders.


So, again, assuming all this is true, we’re looking at a $2,000 to $3,000 starting price hike for new Wranglers across the board.

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As to whether or not that’s a fair bump, I think we’ll have to wait and hear the first driving impressions to be sure. But based on how slick the new Wrangler’s interior looks I feel like, yeah, it probably is up to $3,000 better than its predecessor.

Official pricing will be posted on December 13, the same time media embargoes will lift on driving reviews.

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I always saw Jeeps as affordable, utilitarian vehicles. It was the hip, all-terrain vehicle. Rich or poor, you could have a reliable car for the snow, sand dunes, mountain ranges, hauling, and (most importantly) US mail delivery.

Nowadays it seems like they’re trying to go the land rover/ranger rover route. 40K for a jeep? Whaaaat?