The 2018 Ford Focus RS Costs $5,000 More But Here's Why It's Actually A Bargain

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The Ford Focus RS will be ending its production run soon with the model year 2018 cars, and Ford is sending it out sideways with some upgraded equipment. At $41,995, the updated model will be quite a jump over the 2017 RS, but don’t fret—it packs a hell of a value.

Our friends at got the scoop on the 2018 Focus RS pricing, a $5,000 increase over the base price of the $36,995 2017 Focus RS.


Five grand is nothing to sneeze at, but once you look at the details, Ford is really rewarding their most hardcore hatchback buyers with solid improvements for not much more money.

From the story:

...the RS will be getting some additional equipment for its final year of production. It will include a limited slip differential (LSD), the RS2 Package (leather Recaro seats, voice-activated navigation and more), 19-inch premium forged alloy wheels, carbon fiber interior trim and a black roof.

Based on our analysis, a 2017 Focus RS with similar equipment comes in around $41,770. As a result, the real impact on shoppers who would have added these options anyway would appear to be minimal.

Since the 2018 car will come standard with the pricey RS2 package, the actual price increase is only $225. That’s right, Ford will add a real-deal mechanical limited slip differential and some carbon fiber upgrades for less than $300.

Most automakers increase the price of the subsequent model year by a few hundred bucks but you don’t get anything significant for the extra money. Ford, though, will hook you up with an LSD just in case your Ken Block driving impression doesn’t go so well.

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Good job Ford. Cram the option package down the throat of customers to squeeze the last bit of profit out of the RS before it goes away. Cubic Greed!