The 2014 Subaru WRX Will Be Exactly The Same But Cost Slightly More

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Have you been holding your breath waiting for a production version of the eye-searingly beautiful Subaru WRX Concept? Then get ready to hold it longer. The current WRX will continue on for 2014, and it will get slightly more expensive.

Though the WRX Concept won hearts and minds at the New York Auto Show, the most we've seen of the next-gen 'Rex since then has been a few mules running around that look like beefed up Imprezas. No word yet on how, or whether, that concept will enter production.


In the meantime, we get to keep the current WRX, which stays unchanged from 2013 except for a slight price increase: starting price is now $25,995 for the base model and $28,495 for the premium edition, and the STI will start at $34,495 and $37,845 for the regular and limited editions, respectively.

That represents a price increase for each model of $200 from 2013. It's not a lot of money, but people hoping for an Infiniti-style price slash on this aging model may be disappointed. The current WRX and STI are phenomenal cars, but they've been around since 2007. Despite some cosmetic refreshes and power bumps, I think it's safe to say they're getting a bit dated, even if they're still giant slayers in the performance department.


Let's hope we'll see that WRX Concept become a reality in 2015. I'd like to see what Subaru has up their sleeves with that car.

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Fuel economy on these suck.

And don't tell me that people who buy performance cars "don't care about fuel economy." I've been buying new performance cars since 1986 and fuel economy was a significant concern each time.

A new 'Vette gets far better fuel economy than the current gen WRX/GTI and is a much faster car. On a much lower price point, the Mustang V6 also gets better fuel economy than a WRX, is quicker, and faster around a road racing circuit (e.g. CAR AND DRIVER ANNUAL VIR event).