You're not getting socks this year. Hell no. You deserve something extraordinary, and you're going for the big leagues.

Carbon Fiber Helmet


You don't need a carbon fiber racing helmet. But take one look at this thing, and suddenly you do very much need a carbon fiber racing helmet. This is the classic carbon helm from Stilo, HANS-ready and Snell 2010 certified. This particular ST4 GT W model comes with a taller eyeport. ($1,855)

Retrofuture Streamlined Model Land Speed Racer

This is not a little toy car model. This is a four-foot long handmade piece of art by Baron Margo made from polished aluminum. The cockpit is particularly charming as well. Only one is available and you can find it right here on Etsy. ($2,500)

License Plate American Flag


It's the American Flag made out of Michigan license plates. The whole thing spans five feet wide and about three and a half feet tall (60"x40"). Words cannot describe how cool this thing looks. ($1,999)

Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Super Sport Watch


This is not a normal watch. At this price, maybe it shouldn't be. It certainly is distinctive, though, with multiple faces, clear views of the Swiss Parmigiani calibre PF 372 movement, and the great name Bugatti tied in together. ($285,000)

Aviator Chair


Inspired by WWII fighter planes, this chair by Restoration Hardware is made out of soft bomber jacket-style leather and riveted aluminum. To say it looks badass is an understatement. Multiple kinds and colors of leather are available. ($1185 - $2795)

Team O'Neil Five-Day Rally Course


Team O'Neil Rally School offers a variety of multi-day training courses on mastering car control on any kind of surface. Their full five-day course is the heavy duty option: FWD, RWD, AWD, working on the same skills as any professional driver. The instructors are the best car people you'll meet and the location up in New Hampshire is impossibly gorgeous. ($5,990/person)

Rent A Ferrari


The Ferrari 458 Spider is the car that finally meets the impossibly high expectations of driving something with a Prancing Horse badge. You want to drive it. Thankfully, Gotham Dream Cars will let you. ($1,850 - $4,450 depending on when you rent and for how many days)

Skip Barber Three-Day Racing School


If you've ever gotten behind the steering wheel of a kart, you will have an idea of how good it is to drive a dedicated racing machine. And you'll have an idea of how much you still have to learn about race craft and car control. Skip Barber Racing School and its various available road courses, Mazda MX-5 Cup Cars, and Skip Barber single seaters, fills in the gaps and get you on the road to a genuine racing career. ($3,600 - $4,000 depending on location)

2015 US Grand Prix Paddock Club Package


America has a Formula One race now, and there's one way you really want to see it: with right on top of the action. You get to hang out right on top of the pits, watch all the screaming tire changes unfold just below you, and see the rest of the action unfold. I mean, when you're not nibbling on whatever delicacies the Circuit of the Americas has brought for you, Mario Andretti, and whatever other VIPs are strolling around up there. ($4,200-$6,839 depending on your accommodations for the two to three day trip)

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