The 2014 Corvette’s Interior Is A Leather And Carbon Fiber Sex Chamber

For the past two or three decades, the bugbear of the Corvette has been its cheap interior compared to its European rivals. The 2014 Corvette is supposed to change all that.


In the new trailer for the C7 Vette, we get a few shots of the car's cabin, trimmed in carbon fiber, leather, and some alcantara/suede looking material. With just a few frames of completed seats and an unidentified CF panel, does it look any worse than a Jaguar? Not really. That said, it's impossible to judge final quality or design from this teaser.

The exterior is a more resolved issue.

We are concerned, however, that the production of the leather is extremely slow. In the video we counted just five individual stitches in five seconds. Given how may stitches are required to put together a whole interior, it appears that Chevy may spend months trimming the interior of a single C7 Corvette. Months.

Of course, that could have just been super slow motion footage, but you can never be sure.

Does this video make you confident about the next Corvette's guts? Do you think the car will really tempt people out of 991s with finer stitching? Does the Corvette even need a better interior at all?


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