Photo: Rover

The 1976 Rover 2200 SC had a special edition designed to corner the lucrative academic market that included a headliner-mounted Mortarboard Track that let a mortarboard-wearing academe slide in their distinctive hat for storage just by sitting in the car. Academic “Robe Guides” were integrated into the seats as well, helping to contain the billowy garments. These sold poorly, as Rover’s research was faulty, assuming academics dressed like this all the time.


They attempted to re-brand the Mortarboard Track for storing pizzas, but too many drivers were blinded or otherwise injured from searing-hot dripping cheese.

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These were awful, awful cars. (Although wikipedia articles are written by fanbois, so if contemporary press said an old British car had “wallowing suspension”, the wikipedia article would say “plush ride”). These cars really were a disgrace. On behalf of British engineers, I apologise. Sorry.