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The 11-Foot-8 Bridge Claims Another Sacrifice to the God of Things That Are Taller Than You Thought

It’s happened again! Durham, North Carolina’s most famous, dynamic, and charismatic bridge-citizen, the 11 Foot 8 railway bridge, has once again demanded a sacrifice, and once again the Great Trucker has provided. This time, it’s a “bucket truck,” one of those work trucks with a mechanical arm to raise a human worker in a, well, bucket.


The bucket assembly itself took the initial impact of the bridge, shattering the bucket, and the arm assembly itself appears to have scraped through, likely causing some damage as well.

This is the 147th truck to be claimed by the bridge, which comes to an average of just over 13 can opened trucks per year.


All hail the 11 Foot 8 bridge, ever hungry for truckular sacrifice.

(via BongBoing)

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Your dad called — he wants his jokes back

I love the lack of any reaction from the pedestrian standing on the corner. Not that I’m surprised seeing as this is such a common thing.