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That's Not An Engine... THAT'S An Engine

Illustration for article titled Thats Not An Engine... THATS An Engine

Our favorite chronicler of down-under hauling spotted this pair of Mack Titans pulling a massive (ship/oil rig/pumping station) industrial engine. Australia for life. Photo Credit: Zsolti/NYM.


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

I saw an object easily twice that size getting towed the same way when I was camping out on the side of the Stuart Hwy in outback NT on my way back to Sydney from Darwin with a mate...

It was just past sunset with the last of the day glow on the western horizon. It perfectly flat and featureless except for the odd low shrub and the highway that cuts dead straight through plain. We just set up camp and started fooling about with a crossbow and .308 rifle.

We were shooting green, army issue glow-sticks taped to crossbow bolts very high into the air and then trying to shoot the glow-stick with the rifle. That's when we saw the glow of the slow moving rig on the horizon.

15-20 minutes later we were looking at a similar set up to the one pictured in this post. Only it looked like they were towing some sort of refinery plant. It had multi stories with an office, a lunch room, a control room, a stack of pipes and electrical transformers.

A bloke in a ute that was following behind with a sign and yellow flashers pulled over for a quick chat. He told us what the plant was for (something to do with bauxite) and said one of the prime mover drivers could see a green light appear and disappear on the horizon a short time ago and asked if we saw anything. Apparently UFO sightings are not uncommon in the outback...