That Jeep Pushing A Badly-Parked BMW Into A Spot Is Almost Certainly Staged

I’m sure by now at least one of your social-media friends or bots or friend-bots has sent you this video of a well-modded Jeep Wrangler shoving a douchily-parked BMW into the solitary parking space it actually deserves. On the off-chance that hasn’t happened, here it is:

I’m sure there’s two major camps people fall into when watching this video: the BMW guy is an asshole who deserved it, or the Jeep guy is an asshole who should mind his own damn business.


I’m not going to take sides, because I’m here to tell you there’s no sides to take! This was staged, man, staged. How do I know? I know because we’re going to get all Zapruder on this.

Look here, at about 0:13 in, before any Jeep-on-BMW shoving has taken place:

What’s that on the ground there? It sure looks like a skidmark, perpendicular to the orientation of the tire. The sort of skid mark that would be made if, say, you shoved a stationary car sideways with another car.

Perhaps one might do this as practice, for another attempt for the cameras?

Unless Jeep guy for some reason did this multiple times, there’s no reason for that skid mark to be there. And the only reason to do it multiple times is if Jeep guy was practicing getting it right for a camera, and had permission from whoever owns that BMW.


Also, that first bit of dialog sounds sort of staged and stilted.

So, I’m going to say that this act of vandalism or vigilantism (again, you can pick) didn’t really happen the way it’s presented. This is staged.


Don’t be duped, people! Also, don’t park like that. And don’t shove your car into other people’s cars.

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