That Idiot That Drove Into The Middle Of A Race Was Just Arrested

Well that was quick. Word got out that there were a bunch of videos floating around of a stupid/nutty/crazy/moronic/other derogatory adjectives person driving straight onto the Brands Hatch circuit in the middle of a race, and now he's been arrested by the local police. Good. Harumph.


In case you've forgotten, the driver of a Volkswagen Polo was filmed heading through the track right in the middle of a Fun Cup endurance race, all while he and the person holding the camera thought it was hilarious, and the driver's apparent girlfriend begged and pleaded for him not to do it.


And now he's been taken into police custody for it. A local spokesman for the Kent Police Service told the Courier that a 21-year old (not 22-year old, as previously reported) had been arrested over the incident:

"On Sunday (June 15) Kent Police was made aware of a report of possible offences committed at Brands Hatch race track in West Kingsdown.

"Officers have today (Monday June 16) arrested a 21 year old man from Tonbridge on suspicion of false imprisonment. He remains in police custody."

That second sentence is definitely the most interesting part here. He hasn't been charged with trespassing or anything like that yet (even though I wouldn't be surprised if it was coming, despite in no way shape or form being anything resembling a British lawyer), but rather he was arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment.

I'm guessing the "false imprisonment" part comes from his (maybe now ex-?) significant other fearing her own imminent demise as a result of his reckless thrill.


But hey, who knows, maybe they're still together. Wouldn't that just be a happy ending, not that he deserves it in any way, shape, or form, for the guy essentially charged with her kidnapping, giving her the scare of her life, and also his international mockery and derision? I mean, it wouldn't be a happy ending for her at all, she should probably break up with him, but that's really none of my business. He just doesn't seem to have her safety and well-being in mind.

But again, hey, who knows?

H/t to Robb!!

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