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Earlier this month Londoners dropped their monocles in whatever they were drinking as an obviously-expensive modified Range Rover had been apparently “vandalized” by a scornful spouse. Interesting slice of life? No, just #brands at work.

Revere is one of those outfits that charges a fortune for decorative bits they stick on highline cars, like a smaller-scale Brabus or Mansory.

In a simple attempt to get attention they stuck some washable “graffiti” on this full-bodied Range Rover wearing their Knightsbridge body kit and parked the car outside a fancy department store called Harrods.

Passersby were left to make their own conclusions. Which were probably mostly: “Hey some douche rich guy cheated on a woman.”

But since we live in an era of crippling collective boredom and superfast communication the spray-painted car, and Revere’s body kit, ended up all over the internet. The little company bought themselves more product placement than any other Range Rover tuner’s probably had ever for a few cans worth of whatever that fake spray paint is.


I’m a little impressed, but more just annoyed that my mistrust in everything online has been reaffirmed. Remember everyone, no one is real enough anymore. Trust nothing. Everything is #brands.