That Didn't Take Long: Silverstone Will Host MotoGP British Grand Prix

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Whoa whoa whoa, this is moving a little fast, don't you think? I mean, all I did was give you a hug yesterday and now you expect a what? Ohhhh, wait. We're not talking about Hamilton's ex-ladyfriend. We're talking about Silverstone, the fastest-moving race-"dibs" of all time. They just got MotoGP back for 2015.

Considering how Silverstone Circuit was like, "pfft, we got this" on Twitter yesterday after Donington announced that they didn't have a valid agreement with the Circuit of Wales to host the race, this doesn't really come as much of a surprise.


The Circuit of Wales was the original intended venue for MotoGP's British Grand Prix in 2015, but construction delays forced them to pay another track to host the race. They then approached Donington, who announced this week that the Circuit of Wales hadn't been making their payments on time, leaving MotoGP wtihout a track to host its British Grand Prix this year.

The Circuit of Wales brushed off Donington's financial accusations in a statement on Circuit of Wales' web site today.

"We want to thank the new management at Silverstone, our partners at Dorna and our investors for the rapid response needed to support the 2015 event when it became clear that we would be unlikely to conclude the contractual arrangements at Donington," explained Circuit of Wales chief executive Michael Carrick in the statement.

No details given. Hopefully, the arrangement with Silverstone works out better.

Likewise, the statement claims that the circuit is moving forward despite being unable to build before the inquiry regarding its land.


Silverstone managing director Patrick Allen said this in the same statement:

A lot of work has been done over recent years to ensure MotoGP™ fans enjoy what Silverstone has to offer and it was devastating for the venue to lose the event last autumn. Two wheel racing is as much a part of Silverstone's heritage as four wheel racing and I am obviously delighted to be in a position to announce we are hosting both the F1™ and MotoGP™ Grand Prix in 2015."


I'm certain they're a little less devastated now.

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