Get Ready For A Bunch Of Emo Tweets From Lewis Hamilton

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According to The Mirror, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton is no longer dating a Pussycat Doll. He and Nicole Scherzinger been together for several years now, but she's reportedly leaving him because he won't commit to marriage. Time to prepare for the #emopocalypse on the #TeamLH Twitter.

According to various Brit-tabs, the couple was rumored to be getting engaged several months ago, but Scherzinger claims it's really over this time because Hamilton never went through with it. A source at The Sun claims that Scherzinger is "devastated" after the couple has been growing further and further apart, with Hamilton focusing more and more on winning three world titles to emulate his hero Ayrton Senna—and less on her.


Lewis has been saying that both he and Nicole have been workaholics, so it's hard to find alone time. He knew of the pressure to pop the question, though.

"I'm certainly feeling pressure, heat from family members," Hamilton told E! in December, as quoted in The Mirror. "But Nicole's massively focused on her work the same as I am. We're happy just way we are."

She wanted to settle down with marriage and kids; he wanted to beat Rosberg. The Brit-bloids claim that the couple fought more and more until they eventually broke it off.

If it's any consolation for Lewis refusing to put a ring on it, Nicole, Bernie did the same thing with this year's F1 schedule, too. #totessad


As for Lewis, oof. We love that he's so open with his tweets, with his Twitter feed alternating back and forth between bizarrely staged looking photos of him in action and #deep #personal #insight to #TeamLH. Unfortunately, that means we're hunkering down for the #emopocalpyse. He's already been on Fedora Watch for the past couple months after debuting the preferred headwear of neckbearded grandma's boys everywhere in a tweet. Now he's moved back to pictures of dogs and claiming #PositivityONLY.


This seems like a perfectly normal coping strategy if you're a ninth grade girl: totes presh dog photos. "Ignore the tears and look at how cute my puppy is!"

Yeah, we're gonna stay in the emo-bunker 'til this all blows over, or until Nicole and Lewis get back together (again).


And of course, it's time to get back to work.


There's still a third championship to win and a Rosberg to beat. There were what, five Pussycat Dolls compared with one Nico Rosberg? Meh, they're way more common than a third F1 world championship. Don't get distracted by it, man. #PositivityONLY

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