Texans to Feds: Bring Us Fuel!

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With all of the Rita-induced gridlock on northbound Texas freeways, many people have taken to pushing their vehicles to conserve fuel. Tired of playing Sisyphus, the beleaguered refugees are calling for the Feds to supply them with gasoline to keep the traffic crawling steadily away from the coming devastation. The problem? The roads are so full of cars, the tanker trucks can't get through. Our neighbor told us last night that she'd even witnessed a run on the gas station at a local supermarket here in Austin, now well out of the storm's path.

Our question: why can't they simply air-drop fuel bladders like they do in those Tom Clancy novels? This whole situation also brings to mind one other question: Didn't Eisenhower demand the Interstate highway system to be built so people could get around in times of emergency and the military could move men, materiel and missiles? Yes, yes he did. Oh, dear Dwight, if you could only see us now...


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