Earlier this month, San Antonio resident Daryl McClain's truck was stolen, so he spray-painted his garage with an empty threat and a reward to spread the word. His neighbors, however, aren't happy with the less-than-diplomatic words he decided to spread.

McClain wrote,

To the mother f…..that Stole my Truck. U R A..Dead MAN. 2K.NQA-info

According to the San Antionio Police Department, McClain has not broken any laws against profanity for "mother f…..," nor is "you are a dead man" a threat aimed at a specific person. McClain's neighbors don't like his implied profanity and they don't like cars rolling down the street, gawking at McClain's handiwork.

Despite his "$2,000 no questions asked" reward, McClain has received no leads on his stolen truck.

Photo Credit: KENS5 San Antonio