We received an email earlier from CNN's Peter Valdes-Dapena letting us know the Tesla Model X crossover may actually have a higher top price than the $80,000 we initially reported.

Pricing on the Model X, the portlier "falcon"-doored version of Tesla's all-electric Model S sedan, was initially reported to start at $60,000 and get a top price of $80,000.

Valdes-Dapena now tells us the price will top out at a cool $100,000 โ€” just like the sedan's pricing.

Hopefully โ€” unlike with the sedan which will only begin sales with the uber-pricey 85 kWh battery pack โ€” the $60,000 version of the four-door seven-seater will be available when (according to Tesla) production begins in late 2013 and deliveries begin in early 2014.


If not, early adopters should expect to pay for their need to have the car ahead of everyone else โ€” with a price point closer to that $100,000 mark.