Tesla Motors just unveiled a new crossover the electric-only automaker plans to put into production by 2014.

Yes, the automaker that has still yet to produce a single car that they've made on their own (i.e., off a non-Lotus platform) has now revealed their second model off a platform they still haven't produced a single unit off of. Oh, and the rear doors? They're "falcon wings" โ€” gullwings that fold up. That helps it look like a friggin' DeLorean.

Well, it's a DeLorean that's had one too many In N' Out Burgers. And some french fries โ€” Animal-style. Like five orders of 'em.

The plug-in electric crossover is based on the same platform as the Model S sedan, a car Tesla says will go into full production this summer. The only difference is that the Model X is fatter, taller, looks like an X-Wing and has a third row that faces forward rather than backward.


Tesla claims the Model X is expected to be priced at around $60,000 to $80,000 โ€” about the same as the Model S sedan.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and professional space cadet, says the Model X will be available in both rear- and four-wheel-drive versions.


The four-wheel-drive version, which will use two independent electric motors โ€” one on the back axle and the other in the "engine bay" โ€” will have a 0-to-60 acceleration in the 4.4 second range, Musk told Peter Valdes-Dapena from CNN.

Photo Credit: Jalopnik