Ten Types Of Car Owners You Shouldn't Pity

With some types of car ownership, you’re just asking for trouble. These ten types of car owners don’t have any right to complain for their flawed purchases.

10.) Range Rover Owners


If you own a Range Rover, you have absolutely no reason to be in shock when you end up spending more time in your dealership’s Land Rover Discovery Sport loaner than in your own Range Rover Supercharged. There is no new car with a worse reputation for (un)reliability than Range Rovers. And if you bought a used Range Rover without any sort of extended warranty? You’ll really be in the shit.

Sorry, not sorry.

Suggested By: texasspeed67, Photo Credit: Jaguar Land Rover

9.) Jeep Wrangler Owners

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Wranglers are only decently good for one thing, which is going off-road. If you’re buying a Wrangler because “it looks neat,” don’t be shocked when you go a half-mile down the road and you realize it rides awful and can’t corner at all.

Suggested By: Bubba68CS, Photo Credit: Getty Images

8.) Leadfoot Hybrid Owners


Wondering why you’re only achieving 45 miles per gallon in your so-called 60 MPG hybrid? Maybe you should pick that lead foot of yours off the ground. Reader marshknute can share his anger.

My mom.

She complains how her Lexus ES300h is supposed to get 40 mpg, but she only gets 34.

I keep trying to explain to her that the gas/brake pedals are not on/off switches and you have to drive economically if you want good fuel economy.

In her old Prius she routinely averaged 42mpg. I, meanwhile, once squeezed 53mpg out of it. She still thinks I made it up, even after I showed her the trip computer.


Suggested By: marshknute, Photo Credit: Beatrice Murch via Flickr

7.) Lazy Owners Who Never Replace Their Tires


Confused as to why your car doesn’t seem to do anything when you’re turning your steering wheel lock to lock when it’s raining? If you paid attention to the wear-bars on your tires, maybe you wouldn’t be so confused.

It’s same story when it comes to summer tires or bald all-seasons in the winter time. Whether you drive a Subaru WRX STi, a Land Rover LR4 or a Corvette Z06, if you don’t have the right tires when the white stuff comes a-fallin’, not only are you being put at risk, but you’re also putting the other motorists around you in danger. Don’t do it.


Suggested By: Jason Garrett, Photo Credit: Tyre Reviews via Youtube/Jalopnik

6.) Ferrari Owners


Don’t buy an expensive car if you’re going to cry about service costs and depreciation values. Reader 365Daytonafan can share his anger from first-hand experience.

Speaking as a Ferrari owner; Ferrari owners who complain about how much their car costs to service and don’t drive them because they are worried about how adding mileage will effect the resale. A Ferrari is a complex high performance car it needs servicing even if it is just sitting in the garage note being used.

Quoting Jim Glickenhaus’ signature on Ferrarichat - “not putting miles on your Ferrari is like not having sex with your girlfriend to make her more desirable for the next man.”


Suggested By: 365Daytonafan, Photo Credit: NAparish via Flickr

5.) Electric Car Owners


As an electric car owner, don’t be upset when you realize that you’ll have to use a second car to take those extended family road trips. Unless you own a Tesla and all of your road trips are planned directly around Tesla’s Supercharger station map.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: Mitsubishi Motors

4.) Stanced Car Owners


Lowered and cambered-out your car but can’t deal with the fact that your car rubs and scrapes on everything and everywhere you go? Maybe you shouldn’t have #stanced your car.

Suggested By: ezeolla, Photo Credit: aahhhhchu via Youtube/Jalopnik

3.) SUV Owners


You’re upset that it’s hard to find parking for your huge-ass seven seater SUV, or that you can’t squeeze over 20 MPG out of it? This is one of the many, many reasons why we love wagons.

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Getty Images

2.) ‘Reliable’ Car Owners Who Ignore Maintenance


80,000 miles in, no oil changes or other general maintenance and your Camry throws a check engine line? Come on. Just because you own a so-called “reliable” car doesn’t mean you can ignore all recommended service intervals.

Suggested By: Pending Approval, Photo Credit: slothsandstuffyeh via r/justrolledintotheshop


1.) Ignorant Exotic Car Owners


If you’re going to buy a 400+ horsepower performance car, you can at least take the time to learn how to drive it. Drive within your skill level, respect the car and try not to endanger those around you. Don’t be selfish.

Suggested By: K-Roll, Photo Credit: Drew Storms via Youtube/Jalopnik

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Top Photo Credit: Land Rover MENA via Flickr

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