Ten Places Where Top Gear Should Go Next

Top Gear just wrapped up its latest season searching for the source of the Nile in East Africa. Jalopnik readers know where they should go next.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day - our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!


You will notice some similarities between this list and our collection of the most difficult countries to drive across in the world. Why? Because we like to give the three guys with the best jobs imaginable a hard time. The soft handed auto journalists do well with a little suffering, right?

We had a huge number of possible locations, and tons of honorable mentions for this short top ten list. Help us fill out the rest of the remote, difficult, beautiful places to drive in Kinja below.

Photo Credit: NASA/Top Gear


10.) The Silk Road

While the Top Gear crew usually gets flummoxed by a few dozen miles off of the beaten path, there’s no question it would be amazing to see them try and retrace the steps of Marco Polo, or follow the Silk Road. Some of the most beautiful and some of the most challenging terrain in the world can be found along here.

Suggested By: Felix, Photo Credit: Uday Phalgun


9.) The Baja 1000

The boys are best when they are really, truly suffering. There is perhaps no more grueling test of the guys than a trip down the legendary Baja 1000. We propose they go in fully-equipped motorhomes.

Suggested By: Cyfun, Photo Credit: Jalopnik


8.) Bangkok

Top Gear is at its best in the Far East (the Vietnam episode is proof of that), but YesILoveCars proposed a particular challenge in Bangkok that we have to see.

The guys need to buy a cheap shitty car and turn it into a mobile love lounge for the tourists that visit looking for, um, friendship. They charge the customer a certain amount for time in the mobile sex room. First one to recoup the cost of their car plus modifications wins.


Suggested By: YesILoveCars, Photo Credit: antje verena


7.) London In Full Size American Pickups

Not every Top Gear trip has to be to some faraway piece of exotic nowhere. EL_ULY had a brilliant revision of their classic race across London in rush hour: put them in America’s most luxurious, prestigious pickups.

They should get some typical everyday Texan vehicles, Ford F-250 King Ranch, Ram Cummins 3500 Long Horn, Chevy Silverado HD 3500 Texas Edition Duramax all in dually 4x4, and just drive it around London during rush hour completing some everyday challenges.


Suggested By: EL_ULY, Photo Credit: Ford


6.) Cuba

If there’s any place to hold a cheap car challenge, it’s Cuba, where 1950s American cars share the streets with comparatively modern Ladas. Give the guys a budget and don’t let them buy anything newer than a 1960 model.

Suggested By: The$tig, Photo Credit: Zac Estrada


5.) Antarctica

They’ve been to the North Pole already…

Suggested By: cazzyodo and Eric Sieclecki, Photo Credit: NASA ICE


4.) Australia

Australia has everything going for it as a perfect Top Gear destination: it’s beautiful, it’s treacherous, and there is room for endless convict jokes. We propose they start in Alice Springs, kit out their cars like Mad Max, and try to drive to Bathurst.

Suggested By: For Sweden and Luiggi, Photo Credit: Davide Rusconi


3.) Canadian Ice Roads

Canada was, surprisingly, our readers’ most popular suggestion. Rather than just have them pootle around Ottawa or something, we want to send them up to the epic ice roads of the North. How hard could it be?

Suggested By: Jayhawk Jake, Photo Credit: Ian Mackenzie


2.) Siberia

There’s no question that Top Gear needs to go to Russia. Not only does it have some of the most difficult terrain in the world, but it also has some of its most potent vodka as well. They could even save on their budget and record the whole thing on dashcams.

Suggested By: StreetsideStig, Photo Credit: Robert Nunn


1.) The Entire Wooooorld

For its final season (whenever that happens), we propose Top Gear sets out to find the ultimate go-anywhere vehicle by taking them on the ultimate go-anywhere road trip: around the whole planet. It would take a whole season to air, but it would be going out with a bang.

Suggested By: McLarry, Photo Credit: NASA

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