To take care of our cars, we need the right tools. Forget impact wrenches and air compressors ā€” we're looking for the absolute bare-bones here. The a priori stuff. Here's ten must-haves for the Jalopnik commenter car survival tool kit.

This is Answers of the Day ā€” a feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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Photo Credit: Ronald Sumners/Shutterstock

10.) Nail Polish Remover

Suggested By: Jagvar

Why You Need It: I know this one seems weird, but stick with me. According to Jagvar, nail polish when diluted with a little water, makes a great scuff remover from paint, rubber & plastic trim pieces. Just make sure you wash it off right after so it doesn't mess up the car's clearcoat.


Photo credit: That's Fit

9.) JB Weld

Suggested By: jd

Why You Need It: Useful in almost any situation where something has to get stuck to something else, JB Weld is an integral part of any car lover's toolkit. From LeMons racers to weekend mechanics, (is there much of a difference? Probably not) everyone appreciates a good tube of the stuff. jd says it's holding on his car's motor mounts right now, and I believe it.


Photo credit: Neon Enthusiasts

8.) WD-40

Suggested By: 55hardtop

Why You Need It: The polar opposite of JB Weld is WD-40, for when you need stuck stuff to unstick. Or, when you have to get tree sap off your car (again, just make sure to wash immediately after to avoid damaging clearcoat) or take care of a squeaky hinge, this is the can you reach for.


Photo credit: Sports Bike Shop

7.) Duct Tape

Suggested By: nt_conant, Neener

Why You Need It: Why wouldn't you need it? Duct tape is not just a car guy's, but everyone's best friend. From holding sun visors in place to reattaching mufflers, to making new door handles, the uses for duct tape as a temporary fix on the road are endless. Heck, if your car is silver, they don't even have to be temporary!


Photo credit: The Random Economist

6.) Rain-X

Suggested By: ineedsmass

Why You Need It: Rain-X is one of the best things since sliced bread. It is too awesome to be able to drive down the road in the pouring rain, and not even need to turn on the car's wipers. And if the car doesn't have wipers any more, or it's old and British (or Italian) and they've crapped out, then the additional security of knowing that you'll still be able to see in the rain is great to have.


Photo credit: Robert Q. Riley Enterprises

5.) Klasse

Suggested By: Maximum_Sarge

Why You Need It: This was a new one, to me at least. But after reading all of the enthusiastic reviews from nearly everyone, I'm sold. Klasse seems to be like Rain-X for the whole car- an additional clearcoat applied after washing that gets rid of dirt and grime like Teflon on a frying pan. Very cool.


Photo credit: Porsche

4.) Clay Bar

Suggested By: GV_Goat

Why You Need It: Before you can get Klasse though, you've gotta get every single piece of dirt off that paint so it doesn't scratch it. That's where the clay bar comes in. Sucking up all kinds of tiny particles of who knows what as it is brought across the paint, the clay bar is a wonderful thing.


Photo credit: 2 Clear Buckets

3.) Tire Cleaner

Suggested By: Ethan Moss

Why You Need It: For many of you, second only to a clean rest of the car, there's nothing better than clean, shiny tires. Tire cleaner & tire wet are some of the most important bottles on the toolbench, and with good reason. The rest of the car can be as clean as an operating room, but dirty tires ruin the whole look. It's the last piece of the 'Awesome Looking Car' puzzle.


Photo credit: Ohio Auto Supply

2.) Shop Vac

Suggested By: jomac006

Why You Need It: Whether it's a full-blown vacuum or just a Dust Buster, any vacuuming device you can get under the seats and around the dashboard is an essential part of keeping your car happy. It doesn't matter if you've got kids dropping food, pets, or friends that remind you of both in your car, stuff's gonna wind up on the floor. Get rid of it with a vacuum.


Photo credit: Stuff

1.) Microfiber Towels

Suggested By: Scandinavian Flick

Why You Need It: They're incredibly soft on paint, but can be used anywhere on the car. They're absorbent enough to get rid of residual water after a good washing. They make cotton or terrycloth towels look like they're from the stone age. The microfiber towel is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to keeping your car clean.


Photo credit: Route 66 Parts