What Car Care Product Can You Not Live Without?

You work hard to keep your car not only functional but beautiful — or as beautiful as a Ford Fairmont wagon with peeling paint can be. What car care product can you not live without?

If you're doing it messy, you're doing it right. Rust, drill shavings, and various fluids will end up all over your car in the process of enjoying and improving it. A clean car is a happy car, and as much as we'd like the outside of our vehicles to shine, we actually live on the inside. Therefore, we couldn't live without a good vacuum like a wet/dry Shop-Vac. As in any good relationship, there's no replacement for suction and this think sucks both wet and dry.


Loving your car is loving yourself, and given how much time you spend on the Internet it's likely you're an expert at self-love. Share the expertise. What car care product could you not live without?

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