Grab the keys and run! Hey, if you're gonna get fired over a car like this guy, might as well go out with a bang in one of these awesome commenter-approved cars.

This is Answers of the Day - a feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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10.) Ford Cosworth RS200

Suggested By: Fordboy357

Why It's Worth It: As you take off over the surrounding countryside with your new prize, consider the return on your investment. There were only 200 made, 26 years ago, and few around today. And now you've got one of them. Your boss and the police will have a hell of a time catching you, too, what with your all-terrain capabilities.That being said, laying low and being incognito will be tough in the RS200. Even though it's tiny, it looks kind of like an alien spaceship. So just don't stop!


Photo credit: Alastair Maw, flickr

9.) Renault Espace F1

Suggested By: MinardiGP

Why It's Worth It: It's a minivan with a Formula 1 engine in it, of course it's worth it! How cool is that?! That being said, you can't drive it anywhere, because it's not street-legal. And people would probably notice a big yellow minivan with a giant wing and the sound of a Formula 1 car coming out the back end. But until they catch on, you're in the clear.


Photo credit: F1 Fanatic

8.) ACR Viper

Suggested By: pj134

Why It's Worth It: One of the most special and hardcore Vipers available off the production line, the ACR is the no-holds-barred Viper racer for the road. It comes without a radio, trunk carpeting, tire inflator, and hood pad. It's about 80 pounds lighter than the standard Viper, but produces ten times the downforce of the regular SRT-10 Viper at the same speed. So as long as the road ahead of you is flat and paved, you're golden. Quick, get out of here before the boss shows up.


7.) Ford SHOgun

Suggested By: fhrblig

Why It's Worth It: It's Ford's take on the Renault R5 Turbo. Those crazy bastards took the engine and drivetrain from a Taurus SHO, flipped it around so the engine's in the back, and stuck it under a Festiva body. They added the requisite fender flares and wheel and tire package, and there you have it. Ludicrous power in a teeny tiny package. Stupidly cool, and small enough to escape nearly anything chasing it.


Photo credit: VLane

6.) Lamborghini 400GT

Suggested By: Keith O'Toole

Why It's Worth It: You never hear much about the 400GT. It comes from an era before Lamborghini realized that the more ridiculous they make their cars, the more people would notice. It's relatively quiet, restrained, and absolutely beautiful. It is discrete where the Miura or Countach are all "Look at me!" And I'm sure it's a lovely car to drive. For the classy, sophisticated person fed up with their work, the 400GT surely is the perfect car to drive in a nice suit with a beautiful woman in the passenger seat and go tackle the Alps in, realizing along the way that you're having so much fun, you want to go for the rest of Europe along the way.


5.) Shelby Daytona Coupe

Suggested By: zacarious

Why It's Worth It: Zacarious says go big or go home. If you're going to get disbarred and kicked out of Lawyer Land, you might as well go the whole way and get behind the wheel of a 60's supercar while you're at it. There were only six built, so if you should come across one, consider yourself very lucky. You could be like Phil Spector, legendary music producer and creator of The Wall of Sound, who drove the long-missing sixth car every day in Los Angeles before his lawyer advised getting rid of it to protect his license. Clearly, the lawyer had never been for a ride in the car.


Photo credit: ScorpioCars

4.) Ferrari 360 Spider

Suggested By: variablevalve

Why It's Worth It: Now, I know what you're thinking. 360 Spider? They're a dime a dozen! There's nothing inherently special about those! And while this might be true for some, variable valve has a special story about one that he met: "Would? Already did... Ferrari 360 Spider + 19 years old + summer job as a Valet at an upscale country club + very long, straight parking lot = loss of employment" We have just one question, variablevalve. How long was the burnout?


3.) Ferrari 250 LM

Suggested By: ssrock64

Why It's Worth It: The 250 LM has got to be one of the most beautiful Ferraris in a sea of beautiful Ferraris. So often, it is the car that is overlooked in honor of the 250 GTO or California, but it is certainly just as worthy of our drool and lust as any of those cars. Along with being astoundingly pretty, it is the last Ferrari to have taken an overall win at the track for which it is named, Le Mans. Piloted by Jochen Rindt and Masten Gregory, a NART 250 LM took first place overall at the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans. No Ferrari has won the whole shebang since.


Photo credit:

2.) Lamborghini Miura

Suggested By: Hart88

Why It's Worth It: If you could get your hands on a 250 LM and a Miura, you'd be set for life. There would be no reason to go after any other cars! Automotive perfection would already be in your garage (or secret bunker). But if you could only have the Miura, that wouldn't be the worst thing either. Produced at the same time as the 400GT in 1966, the Miura was Lamborghini's announcement to the world that they were here to stay. As beautiful in its exaggerated nature as the 400GT was in its restraint, the Miura set a new standard for performance cars not just in the numbers and figures surrounding it, but in its mystique and aura. More than 40 years later, we're still drooling over it. That's saying something.


Photo credit: philippluecke, flickr

1.) McLaren F1

Suggested By: snapoversteer

Why It's Worth It: It's a McLaren F1 for crying out loud! What did you think was going to take the top spot? It's ridiculously fast, ahead of its time, looks like a spaceship, yadda yadda yadda. The McLaren F1 is awesome, and if you ever get the shot to acquire one, whether there's employment on the line or not, do it.