Dealership Employee Records Himself Beating On A Corvette ZR1

It's one thing to beat on a Malibu, but a security guard at a dealership auction committed the cardinal sin of hooning an as-of-yet unsold $110,000 Corvette ZR1. And then recorded it! This guy is toast. UPDATE

It's impossible to look at a Corvette ZR1 and not want to put the entire force of that glorious 6.2-liter LS9 V8 to use. But if you work in the service department of a dealership it's probably best to fight the urge, and certainly inadvisable to record yourself doing it and putting said video on YouTube, where it will be found.


We don't know the name of this boastful and likely soon-to-be unemployed shop tech. What we do know is he was foolish enough not only to take one ham-fisted blast after another in a ZR1 and record it, but also to leave the paper plate on. Hmm... paper plates say Woodhouse. Wonder if there's a ZR1 for sale there? Oh look, there is.


We're guessing once this video's seen, the value of said vehicle might drop in price just a bit. Don't watch it if you're allergic to the sound of gravel hitting a rare Corvette.

UPDATE: A source tells us this is not the Woodhouse dealership (although, that is the ZR1 listed above), but rather an auction company in Dallas, TX. The auction runs Woodhouse vehicles through their lot and the fellow beating the car is, in fact, a security guard. Don't you feel secure if you bought your car from them?


(Hat tip to Derek!)

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