Some of these parts have been more or less unchanged for the entire history of the car, so maybe it's time for a rethink

10.) Check Engine Light

Modern cars have all sorts of LCD displays in the gauge cluster and in the dashboard, and yet we still have an idiot light? It just seems incongruous in the age we live in to have to use an OBD II reader to check for a misfire or catastrophic engine failure.

Suggested By: EMF!, Photo Credit: Jim Larson

9.) Floor Mats/Carpeting


When you think about it, carpet really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to be in your car. Sure it looks nice, but why have something in your car that's just going to collect the moisture and crap from your shoes?

There has to be some sort of compromise between functionality and aesthetics.

Suggested By: DangerRanger, Photo Credit: BMW

8.) Tires


Modern tire technology is amazing, but that doesn't change the fact that tires deflate over time and are rendered useless if you drive over, say, a nail. I hope the auto industry invests more in tweels, if for no other reason than they look cool as hell.

Suggested By: M, as in "Mancy", Photo Credit: Michelin

7.) Sun Visors


Sun visors are great when they work, but their size is pretty limited. I'd be shocked if there isn't a a more clever solution possible, I mean, there has to be.

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Deb Nystrom

6.) Suspension


A lot of automakers offer great updates on the old suspension design, like GMs Magnetic Ride Control, but I want to see someone pull a Citroën and rethink the whole thing from the ground up.

If Citroën could develop a hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension in the 1950s, I'd love to see what engineers could come up with today.

Suggested By: McLarry, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

5.) Heaters


Some automakers, like Volkswagen, have figured out to integrate an electric heater with an old school design, but I'd love to see the possibility of efficient electric heat explored more.

Maybe it's on my mind because it's the dead of winter, but could you imagine how great instant heat and defrosting would be in the morning?

Suggested By: Snuze: The New Slobalt, Photo Credit: Volkswagen

4.) Dashboards


Digital screens are replacing analog gauges in many modern cars, yet the dashboard design is still really influenced by those old gauges. A lot of automakers have figured out cool ways to use screens, but why not start from scratch and build the dash around the screen?

Suggested By: 8695Beaters, Photo Credit: Audi

3.) A-Pillars


Rollover protection in modern cars is much greater than it's ever been, and while that's a good thing no doubt, it totally ruins visibility.

If I were an automaker, especially one that made performance cars, I'd really invest in trying to make thinner A-Pillars that still met modern safety standards.

Suggested By: ldympr, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

2.) Car Stereos


Remember when car stereos were swappable? Those days are sadly gone, with touch screens with horrible user interfaces and $2,000 navigation options.

Automakers, if you're going to make us stick with your infotainment, at least make it good.

Suggested By: timgray, Photo Credit: Cadillac

1.) Camshafts


Camshafts are lovely things for sure, but the possibilities of camless engines with hydraulically actuated are nothing short of mind blowing. The power, efficiency, and flexibility could make all cars so much better.

Suggested By: ThrillerWA09, Photo Credit: GFWilliams Photographer/Jalopnik

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Top Photo Credit: Sauber F1 (front suspension pictured)

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