Ten Car Myths That Are Totally Untrue

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There's a lot of misinformation about cars floating around, and periodically it's good to really evaluate what you're hearing and really get to the bottom of it. That's why we ran hundreds of thousands of car "facts" through the Jalopnik Truthinferectominatorizer and found the ten least true car facts. Learn them well.

1. The first car to win a seat in the House of Representatives of the state of Ohio was the same car that Lou Ferrigno swore to destroy in his famous 1988 speech to the American Council of Churches. That car is a 1979 Oldsmobile Delta 88.

2. Modern cars can only feel two "real" and quantifiable emotions: arousal and contempt.


3. Benjamin Franklin owned a crude steam-powered road tractor that was used to transport most of the nascent US government's belongings when the capital moved from Philadelphia to Washington DC in 1801.

4. The first person to travel over 100 MPH was Madalena Delani, a nightclub singer who drunkenly piloted Adam Opel's land speed record car after a night of carousing with Adam Opel.


5. By law, every car imported into the US must be shipped with at least one ounce of soil from its country of origin.

6. VIN numbers are designed with a checksum that, when applied to the proper formula, will result in the number 80085. This number is known to mathematicians as one that looks like the word "BOOBS," especially when displayed on a pocket calculator.


7. Pontiac is the only carmaker to win a Newberry Award, for ghostwriting the book Roll Thunder, Hear My Cry in 1977.

8. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot contract herpes by boiling and eating the carpeting of an Australian market BMW 5 Series. The disease in question is ulcerative gingivitis.


9. Easter Island has the worst traffic congestion of any place in the world when you factor in its size and population. (see photo)


10. Motor Trend's Car of the Year can be predicted with 100% accuracy by computing glovebox volume. The winning car's glove box volume, when measured to thousandth of a cubic foot, will always end in .884.