The right hood ornament on a car can produce a spirit of ecstasy in the viewer, creating in them the desire to immediately mount the car it's mounted on. With your help, we've identified these ten awesome hood ornaments.


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Photo Credit: Bruce_M_Walker

10.) Packard Flying Ladies

Suggested By: Pres

It's The Spirit Of ______: Donut chasing. These beautiful flying ladies are iconic and wonderful, but the winged figures are known for ever chasing rubber donuts.


Photo Credit: gsamx

9.) 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Jet Bird

Suggested By: Alexander_The_Car_Salesman

It's The Spirit Of ______: A V8 Engine. The second-generation Bel Air was the hot rod Chevy an entire generation saw in their dreams. And a fantasy car, jet age-inspired car needs an equally sleek and futuristic ornament. In this case, it's a soaring eagle-cum-B52.


Photo Credit: Myoldpostcards

8.) Mercedes Three-Pointed Star

Suggested By: AMG_OMG

It's The Spirit Of ______: German Precision. Meant to symbolize the Mercedes ambition of "on land, on water and in the air," Gottlieb Daimler believed a star would one day shine over his factory and symbolize the prosperity he saw in his future. It worked.


Photo Credit: Ericejohnson

7.) GAZ Volga Leaping Deer

Suggested By: Rocking A Turbodiesel

It's The Spirit Of ______: Russians. The deer is the symbol of Nizhny Novgorod, the city where all GAZ vehicles were built. It's also pure awesome. So much so that people kept stealing and re-selling them.


Photo Credit: Wgrabar

6.) Bentley "Winged B"

Suggested By: Furlined

It's The Spirit Of ______: Audacity. Rolls-Royce's always been known for their Spirit of Ecstasy, an over-the-top silver lady representative of a hidden passion. Bentley, on the hand, had no use for such trivial things and thought their initial was enough to move people to fits of pleasure.


Photo Credit: Furlined

5.) Toyota Century Phoenix

Suggested By: Cesariojpn

It's The Spirit Of ______: Japanese weirdness. The car's been the Japanese version of a state car since the 1960s and has remained basically the same ever since. As has the hood ornament, which is a stylized version of the Chinese Phoenix. Where other ornaments have modernized, the Japanese Century's remained wonderfully the same.


4.) Delahaye Venus

Suggested By: SteveCorey

It's The Spirit Of ______: Breasts. The Delahaye version of a flying woman (a venus, perhaps?) from the 1947 135 MS has more of everything. More wings. More hair. And, fairly clearly, a lot more going on upstairs. It's the Monica Bellucci of hood ornaments.


Photo Credit: SteveCorey

3.) 1957 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman

Suggested By: Luftman129

It's The Spirit Of ______: Simplicity. There are few ornaments cleaner than the smooth spaceship from the '57 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman. If only real spaceships looks this yacht-like.


Photo Credit: Braintoad

2.) 1929 Packard Reclining Woman

Suggested By: Buickboy92

It's The Spirit Of ______: Variety. There's a Packard hood ornament for every year and every season. Some companies do the same year-after-year. Packard changes ornaments like most people change their oil. The 1929 Packards featured a version of the Greek nymph Daphne sitting at the well., sure to be chased by some auto-obsessed Apollos.


Photo Credit: Packardinfo

1.) Luigi Colani Horch Mega Roadster

Suggested By: SynthOno

It's The Spirit Of ______: Ridiculousness. We love the insane work of Italian futurist/new-communist Luigi Colani, who added this touch to his 1996 Horch Mega Roadster, which has a nude woman attempting to stay pinned to the car via the grille while still managing to hold on to the Horch logo. Awesome.


Photo Credit: Tom Vack