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The Fabulous Works of Luigi Colani, Including Ekranoplans

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you've ever seen a tractor trailer set-up you've considered sexy, it was probably influenced or designed by Luigi Colani. Heck, half of the futurist renderings from Popular Science are influenced by this German industrial designer with an Italian name. He's been dropping his "biodynamic" works on the world since the fifties and was even involved in the BMW 700 racing program. He's got his fingers into everything from crazy-trains (take it Ozzy) to planes that make the Boeing Dreamliner look like hobo swill, to our favorite what-the-hell-kind of transport — the Ekranoplan. Colani was probably more to blame for our inappropriate expectations of the future than anyone else, but that doesn't make his designs any less awesome.