Russian Tuner Fucks Rolls-Royce Hood Ornament

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As part of a tuning package for the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Russian tuner Dartz (they of the whale penis interior) replaced the storied "Spirit of Ecstasy" hood ornament with a couple engaged in sexual relations. It's dubbed the "Spirit of Xtasy."

Dartz, the over-the-top Russian luxury SUV tuner and shock marketer of strange automotive design, is moving on from goading Pamela Anderson into a fight with a marketing stunt using whale penis-skin as a dashboard covering for an SUV. Although that idea did manage to get Dartz (and us) onto The Colbert Report, we're wondering whether this stunt's got that same kind of crossover appeal. I mean, it's hard to top whale penis skin. Really hard to top it.


Nevertheless, Dartz is trying. They've replaced Rolls-Royce's storied hood ornament — dubbed the "Spirit of Ecstasy," with one depicting a scene that's more carnal in nature on their new tuning package for the Phantom. As you can see, the hood ornament depicts a man with a woman. A very well-endowed woman. She's naked. And he's having sex with her. From behind.


All we ask is that Dartz please continues doing this silliness. Except perhaps next time — ditch the use of CEO Leonard F. Yankelovich as the model for the man on the hood ornament. Because that's just creepy. Don't believe us? Check him out here in this VERY NSFW video.

Hat tip to the artistic, handsome and brilliant Jesus Diaz!

[via JamesList]