Car theft. Car crashes. Loss, paralysis, death. The car world is a dangerous place. But every once in a while, something happens that not only restores your faith in car people, but restores your faith in mankind. These are the moments that will make you giddy with joy.

10.) The Internet helps get a stolen Beetle back

Helping the police find murderers in any way we can is our duty as citizens. Helping a guy find the stolen car that's precious to him is not, but it was damn nice of you! Thanks to the community, the yellow Bug owned by our own Jason Torchinsky is already on it's way back to the road fitted with a new, more powerful engine. You made Jason and the rest of us very happy indeed!

Suggested By: Rockchops, Photo Credit: Jalopnik


9.) Sharing parts and saving the day


Eddie Nakato took apart his Miata so freds4hb could continue racing:

A lovely little thing happened to me once. Racing at the first ChumpCar race ever in Portland. After about 6 hours of racing, it was my turn at the wheel. I went out under caution, toodled around for three laps under yellow, managed to be starting at the starter when the green came back out, went exactly 5 corners before I sheared the mounts for the right front brake caliper, instantly locking it up, and skidding to a halt on the tarmac just off line.

Now most would think this story's awesome start's and ends at the amazing little person who flew out of the back of the rescue truck for me and handed me the tow rope. That was indeed awesome. However that's not the point (I did have him call for a real wrecker as the whole right front was fully locked and I couldn't roll).

We got it back to the pits and we began hunting through our spares for a whole new right front, which, we didn't have.

Luckily a local shop owner had his personal miata sitting in the infield and he simply said, take it and pointed at the right front. We promptly disassembled his car on jack in their paddock spot, put it on our car and were back out racing in a little over an hour (not bad for us really). When we were done, we gave it all back and put it back on (worn pads and all). Thanked him profusely and (I think we gave him some money and delicious food if I remember right).

He absolutely saved our weekend, and made it amazing. Now any time I can help anyone at an event I always do. It's so much fun to, so pass it on out there and stay safe! Thanks again Eddie!

If you don't know he's out at this weekend's Rose Cup in Portland, tune in and cheer for him! I know I will!


Suggested By: freds4hb, Photo Credit: nfgusedautoparts

8.) Alex Zanardi


If the story of how former F1 driver Alex Zanardi lost his legs in a crash and went on to win gold medals in the London Paralympics gold medalist doesn't inspire you to persevere, nothing will.

Suggested By: Gamecat235, Photo Credit: Getty Images

7.) The bus driver saving a little girl

Children can get into trouble amazingly quickly, usually without even realizing it. This bus driver reacted to this dangerous situation faster than Sebastian Vettel could have. Amazing save.


Suggested By: $kaycog

6.) Guy dressed as Batman to cheer up kids with his Lambo


Lenny Robinson used to drive to children's hospitals in his Lamborghini dressed as Batman to put a smile on their faces. Now he has a proper Batmobile for the task. Some say he is a vigilante.

Suggested By: Highball, Photo credit: Jalopnik


5.) Senna helping Eric Comas

Senna was not only the fastest, but the greatest as well. Austin webb explains:

He stopped because he heard the engine running at full RPM (the driver was unconscious and his foot was jammed down on the accelerator), he then noticed that none of the course workers were going to get to him in time before the motor blew up and killed the driver. So he stops, jumps out, and kills the motor.


Suggested By: ghost650

4.) When strangers know what to do


A 21-year-old was saved after being trapped under a burning BMW. It's good to know that you're not alone out there.

Suggested By:472CID, Photo Credit: Youtube

3.) David Purley trying to save Roger Williamson in 1973

This horrific accident isn't easy to watch. David Purley risked his own life to save a friend in one of the worst but most human moments in F1 history.


Suggested By: Nerd-Vol

2.) Fiero enthusiasts give dying teen last wish

Tyler Shipman was diagnosed with cancer and needed a miracle to finish his priced Pontiac Fiero. He got one.


Suggested By: My X-Type Too Is a Real Jaguar


1.) Connor's Day

When a British father organized a car show for his terminally ill son, the UK scene put almost 500 cars together to turn it into an unforgettable event. That's the greatest thing you can do with your car.


Suggested By: POD

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