Watch good Samaritans lift a burning BMW off a trapped biker

A 21-year-old Utah man who was trapped under a BMW after his motorcycle collided with it and caught fire is alive thanks to a dozen strangers who lifted the burning car off his body. Here's the amazing rescue.


Brandon Wright was riding Monday morning in Logan, Utah, when the black BMW 530xi pulled in front of him. According to reports, Wright laid his bike down to avoid a collision; instead, the bike and Wright slid underneath the BMW's nose; the impact severed the motorcycle's gas line, setting it and the BMW on fire.

The accident happened near a construction site on the Utah State University campus, where workers rushed to the scene. But as the video shows, it's not just burly men pushing; at least one woman grabs on to lift the 3,700-lb sedan.

Wright suffered broken bones, cuts and burns; the driver of the BMW was "shaken up" but otherwise uninjured.


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