In case you weren't old or rich enough to buy your dream car when it was new, have no fear. The second hand market is full of our favorites at a bargain price! So what are you waiting for?

These are ten beauties you should consider buying:

10.) Noble M400

This desirable piece of British fiberglass comes with a twin-turbocharged Duratec V6 and a power-to-weight ratio of more than 400 bhp/ton. 0-62 mph in 3.2, and if you install an electronic boost control, the M400 can get 30ish mpg. Yours for around $60K used. Awesome? Awesome!

Suggested By: Ralstig, Photo Credit: wbaiv


9.) Ferrari 355


Ferrari 355s are not as cheap as the terrible Mondials or other entry-level Ferraris from the 80s, but that's because they are proper dream cars with great handling and a glorious V8 in the middle. Worth every penny even with the regular service costs, and with prices heading upwards, not as bad an investment as other exotics.

Suggested By: qwertydoode, Photo Credit: Ed Callow [ torquespeak ]


8.) Jaguar XJS


On the very affordable side of things, old Jaaags are a cheap way to get into the V12 game. Sorted out ones are marvelous and very classy cruisers. The less-well-sorted-out ones are a good way to get more value out of all those tools you just purchased.

Suggested By: GBond, Photo Credit: vetaturfumare


7.) Lotus Elise


You can look for a second hand Elise SC, or just get a regular one cheap and put an aftermarket supercharger on it. Tons of fun either way for not much money.

Suggested By: The Scrambler says it can be done, Photo Credit: The Pug Father

6.) BMW E39 M5


6cyl wants an 8cyl family car:

400hp v8 in a sedan. Yes please. You can get a well respected clean one for under $20k.


Agreed, I love the E39 M5. What a sleeper!

Suggested By: 6cyl, Photo Credit: inkiboo

5.) Porsche 911


According to 505 - morphine not found, you need to go back to the eighties for a cheap 911. That's not a bad thing:

I know 911s are generally not that affordable, but what i have in mind is what i believe to be the least expensive 911, the SC. It's not that powerful, it's not that hard to keep in shape, and it's not that expensive to buy in the first place. Shame i'm on a shoestring budget, because the close-to-me German market is full with nice examples. How much i want it? I get butterflies in my stomach.


Suggested By: 505 - morphine not found, Photo Credit: markyharky

4.) Volvo P1800


The Volvo that looks like a Ferrari, right? While not the fastest cars out there, P1800 are still relatively cheap to buy, and they last forever. A great classic! Good luck finding an ES though...

Suggested By: Gamecat235, Photo Credit: aaronx

3.) Maserati Spyder


It's got a 4.2-litre Ferrari V8, a six-speed manual and a very nice interior with all the leather you ever dreamed of. It looks great, has a Maserati badge and that makes it very cheap compared to a Ferrari at the moment, so just go for it.

Suggested By: djplanbizzle, Photo Credit: Alexandre Prévot

2.) Porsche Boxster S


TheDailyTurismo recommends a fast little Porsche for the price of a base model Honda Fit. The Boxster S has the performance the normal Boxster was missing, and you can turn them into very capable track cars if you really want speed.

Suggested By: TheDailyTurismo , Photo Credit: subtera

1.) Acura NSX


Senna liked his, you will too.

Suggested By:teampenske3 , Photo Credit: Rafiq Mirza

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