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There are dream cars, like the Pagani Huayra, that will probably never come down in price enough to where you could reasonably afford one. And then there are dream cars like the older Aston Martin Vanquish that, while still expensive, isn't entirely out of reach. What's your affordable dream car?


Basically, any Aston Martin is still an Aston Martin. It's not like Maserati, which has to contend with the reality that there are ugly rebadged Chryslers and rusty BiTurbos still out there sullying a brand. Even the shittiest Lagonda is still a Lagonda.

Check out this old Vanquish with a Buy-it-Now of $67,900. It's pricey, but that's just barely New Corvette territory and you can do better.


Let's try to keep it under $100K and, of course, the best $-to-wow ratio is going to make it into AOTD.

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(Hat tip to BAD72AMX!)

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