Tell Us Your Worst Story Of Winter Driving

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In two days, two feet of snow will fall on my place of residence. I will be out in my weedy little rear-drive car, making the most of it. But driving in the winter isn’t always a powerslider’s paradise.

That same weedy little rear-driver of mine (pictured above) also does not have a heater. I once took a short road trip in it in the dead of winter with the windows down, given that it has no defroster and the windshield would fog up otherwise.


I later checked how cold it was inside the car accounting for the highway-speed windchill factor. Apparently it was cold enough to kill me in half an hour of driving.

It had been a two hour drive.

Clearly, I am dead.

(I was actually just really cold, wearing two coats, two pairs of gloves, and a balaclava while behind the wheel.)


That might be my worst experience with winter driving. What was yours?


Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

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