Tell Us More About The Acura MDX's Nürburgring Time

Acura took its 4,000+ pound 2014 MDX to the Nürburgring and lapped the Nordschleife with it. This delves thoroughly into the absurd.


You see, the Nürburgring is home to top-end sports cars and performance sedans, with its many turns, elevation changes, and bumps to challenge chassis engineers. That's why it seems ridiculous to take a 4,000+ lbs SUV there for testing.

In fact, it's so ridiculous we'd like to know more. We've seen the prototype lap videos, but we'd really like to know the MDX's fastest lap time and see some official footage from Acura.

Here's the car undergoing wind tunnel testing. Hope that aero is good on the Döttinger Höhe.


MDX chief engineer Jim Keller told me that the car was eight seconds a lap faster than the old generation, and we know it's roughly 275 pounds lighter now as well, but really we just want to know if it was faster than Sabine Schmidt in a Transit van.


Photo Credits: Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik

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