I adore Tesla’s cars, but I am not always enthused with their owners.

I don’t know what the right word is. Prideful? Haughty? Take a look at this email we at Jalopnik got in our inbox the other day from a Tesla Model S owner, completely unsolicited.


The email is, in part, as follows:

Now, I know that not all Tesla owners are like this. Tesla sells lots of cars and lots of them go to people who do not feel a need to stand before the rest of the world and decree “I am a superior person, as evidenced by my superior automobile.”

But such people do exist, and I want to hear about them. Share your most cringeworthy Tesla owner interaction below. And Tesla owners, feel free to share your most cringeworthy experiences with randos who don’t understand your (very neat) car.


Photo Credit: Tesla

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