Teen Takes To Twitter After Mowing Down Grandma

As 55-year-old Maria Lucaj lay dying in the hospital, her family was outraged to find out the teen driver who ran over their grandmother was tweeting about her holiday leftovers the day after the accident.

Nineteen-year-old Ashley Viviana Davios was driving her new Ford Focus when she struck Lucaj in the Bronx at around six at night on the eve of Thanksgiving this year. Davios claims she didn't see Lucaj crossing at a crosswalk, reports the New York Post, which also notes that Lucaj had the right of way according to the police. Davios stayed at the scene of the accident and did not appear intoxicated.

Lucaj was walking home from work and was steps away from her front door when she was hit. She suffered a critical head injury and would die four days later.

After Thanksgiving Davios tweeted out "All I really need right now is to clear my head and find peace of mind," the Post reports, followed by a picture of her Thanksgiving leftovers.

This is what infuriated Lucaj's family. They were outraged to see the university student's tweets while they stood at their grandmother's bedside.


Lucaj's son Robert told the Post, "I couldn't believe it. She's posting about leftovers while my mother's brain-dead in the hospital."

The NYPD have not charged Davios, but the Post reports an investigation is ongoing.


Photo Credit: Ashley Viviana's Twitter account

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