Taurus SHO-powered Faux-rarri limo is as weird as it sounds

What has the motor from a Ford Taurus SHO, a stretched body that very vaguely resembles a Ferrari and a slightly musty smell from sitting? If you guessed this Taurus based Faux-rarri limo currently on Ebay you are correct, and possibly psychic.


We've seen some tasteless weird and wild vehicles created by the limo industry over the years, while it may not be the wildest, this Faux-rarri limo could be the weirdest. A stretched Ford Taurus SHO would be weird enough on its own, but the Faux-rarri limo weirdness doesn't stop there. We aren't sure if the fiberglass limo body, loosely based on a Ferrari Testrarossa, is the only one ever made, but we certainly hope it is. Similar to the Lincoln based Rolls Royce Phantom limo we saw a few weeks ago, this Faux-rarri is further proof cheap limo replicas of expensive cars rarely end up looking like anything other than cheap limo replicas of expensive cars.

Under the hood lies the highlight of this Faux-rarri, the 220HP Yamaha built 3.2 liter V6. The Super High Output Taurus upon which this Faux-rarri limo was based was manufactured in 1993, which was the first year the 3.2 was available. The 3.2 was only offered in front of the also new for ‘93 automatic transmission. Prior to 1993, the Taurus SHO was only available with a 3.0 V6 and a five speed transmission. The older 3.0 produced the same 220hp as the 3.2 but had slightly less torque. Both incarnations of the Yamaha produced engines were known for their power and longevity if properly maintained.


Although the driver's compartment is all early 90s Taurus, behind the privacy window is J style limo seating embroidered with Ferrari logos. This Faux-rarri can cart 5 or 6 people around in questionable style, or at least it will be able to after you get rid of the musty smell. The baby seats shown in the silent Youtube video below lead us to believe the last passengers this Faux-rarri had were under the age of five (too young to complain).


This Faux-rarri limo is certainly an exercise in out of the box car modification. Beyond the sport sedan platform and custom body kit, this unique limo features cherry bomb mufflers (always desirable on a limo) and what appear to be Renault Alliance taillights(?). While the resulting automotive oddity is certainly not to our taste, it appears some people are rather taken with the Faux-rarri limo and its bizarre style. With a little over a day left on the auction, bidding is currently over $4000 with the reserve already met.

Hat tip to BullittFan_Fords4Life!

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