Currently listed on Ebay, this replica Rolls Royce phantom limo will have everyone thinking you are arriving in a 1996 Lincoln converted to look a Rolls Royce for the price of a 1996 Lincoln converted to look like a Rolls Royce.

As the seller of this Rolls Royce Phantom replica limo points out "The Real deal PHANTOM is 400,000.00 and then stretch it for another 250,000.00" while you can own this Replica limo for $19,900 buy it now. Built on a 1996 Lincoln Limo with 39,000 mile, the "Rolls body kit" was added in 2009. According to the seller "The Brides and party people will love it and so will Funerals".


One of the selling points of this weird limo is that it is "short enough to use as your personal car and rent as your limo", if you want to drive a 1996 Lincoln that looks vaguely like a Rolls Royce Phantom every day. If you do and you have $20K, as the seller points out twice in the listing this weird limo is "your chance to flash", whatever that means.


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