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One of us was up late watching the Transformers live-action movie on DVD giving us the chance to finally have a robogasm in private. If you're not on the HD-DVD kick, we'd suggest heading out to Target like we did and snagging up one of the special edition two-disc DVD's that actually transform into a crappy Optimus Prime. Hey, it's better than just a plain plastic box we guess. The two-disc set gives you the movie in widescreen and you get a second DVD filled with all sorts of fun behind-the-scenes crap, including a "cars of the Transformers movie" featurette. The only thing we were lamenting is we didn't see any "win a Camaro" certificates in the box. How'd we end up getting screwed out of that one? Anyway โ€” full un-boxing and DVD-transforming shots in the gallery below.